Project Pinball: No More Wiring Please!

March 25, 2013

T2 Backglass and DMDYeah, I know an update is long overdue. To be honest: I have spent so many hours breathing solder fumes (I have an extractor, but still) that once I was done soldering wire after wire after wire, I just wanted to see if the machine was working with the new stuff installed and ended up playing a bit, as opposed to writing an update here.

But, here it is! Quite some progress has been made: All the hardware I had lying around has been added to the machine, and wired up, that means: RGB LED’s at the top of the playfield, rgb controlled flipper buttons, 2 strobes, 7 contactors (modified for louder punch), headphone jack that enables “nigh-mode” when headphones are plugged in (switches off the speakers and all force-feedback items), lighted control buttons, plunger, and 3-axis accelerometer to detect nudging.

In addition, I added the metal side rails, and found a sheet of glass to put on top of the playfield. Luckily I took the measurements from an original Williams Widebody machine so the tempered playfield glass for such a machine could easily be added to the machine.

Finally the backbox is mounted on top of the playfield, and the 28″ backglass monitor was put in place too. But, the backbox does need a lot more work: speaker grills, rgb led lights on top and maybe some more strobes and a sheet of glass or plexi to create a bezel in front of the backglass monitor.

But, we recently had some get-togethers with friends at the house, and I put it all together as well as possible which meant: partytime! It was awesome to see friends really get into playing as if it were a real pinball machine. Feels good to see something being received so and realizing it all started with a few sheets of MDF several months ago.

Oh, and I found a real “Revenge From Mars” Pinball2000 machine at the parts supplier where I got the glass from, I added a picture of my wife playing the machine below:


2 responses to Project Pinball: No More Wiring Please!

  1. Hi, I found your blog while doing research for my own pinball cabinet. Can you please tell me what you did to increase the loudness of your contactors? I plan on buying the same ones you have.