Project Pinball: A package arrived today!

January 22, 2013

More bling arrived for the pinball machine today: 7 Siemens contactors. These are basically sizeable solenoids that will be hooked up to the LedWiz and booster boards and are fired by events from the pinball machine rom. What that means? That when these are mounted inside the cabinet, they will give a nice sounding and feeling thud to the machine when you push the flippers, or when the ball hits the slingslots or bumpers in the software. Should add a lot of force feedback, making it that more realistic.

All of these require installation of an additional flyback diode and I want to do a modification to them to increase the sound they make when the coil is charged: louder noise, heavier thud!

So, more on these later. For now, let me finish with a picture:

7 Siemens 3RT1016-1BA42