Living Lean: Beautiful Small NYC Apartment

January 30, 2013

Not sure what it is, or why, but somehow minimal living spaces really click with me. Especially the ones that are (ridiculously) cleverly designed. Maybe it is because they are custom made and designed, satisfying the maker in me. Or maybe it has to do with “lean everything”. Less baggage = more happiness?

That is exactly what the LifeEdited¬†project is about.‘s founder Graham Hill gave this riveting TED Talk on how less stuff, means more happiness. Those who like camping know exactly what he means: you have almost nothing with you, but you enjoy your life the most! With that in mind, he started to figure out a way to turn a 40 square meter (420 sq. ft.) New York apartment into a “full size” house. Check out his 5 minute TED Talk here.

In May 2012 the (wrecked) apartment he shows in the talk, had been transformed into this gorgeous house with a home cinema, living room, office, guest room, kitchen and bathroom: