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Welcome EEWeb visitors

January 31, 2013

Site Of The DayToday and tomorrow, Sindono is “Engineering Site Of The Day”  on EEWeb: Welcome Visitors!

Here you can read about things I make and things I like. Making things makes me happy and allows me to learn new skills. Sharing it may inspire others to make and hopefully flatten the learning curve a bit.

“Teach what you know, learn what you don’t”

The most recent project is a full-size virtual pinball machine: putting a beefy PC with a large HD LCD and a bunch of electronics into a pinball cabinet to create a realistic pinball experience allowing you to play many famous table on one single machine. Including force feedback and flashing lights! A little sideproject is the development of a Arduino-based power controller for the pinball machine.

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Sindono in 2012

January 11, 2013

Last year I read the phrase: “Teach what you know, learn what you don’t” on this Adafruit post last year and it has stuck with me. While I am mostly learning, by sharing the experiences it may teach or inspire others to give it a try too.  Making is a lot of fun and writing about it enables me to share and communicate with likeminded people.

This blog is very small of course, and although there are not many comments/discussions, I quite liked looking back to the statistics because they show there are people looking at these pages :-)

I was triggered by an e-mail I received from wordpress about this blog over the past year. Here are some highlights:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 6,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 12 years to get that many views.

How is that! Makes it feel like quite an accomplishment :-)

In 2012, there were 38 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 68 posts.

2012 Visitors Worldmap

That means the amount of content on the blog more than doubled this year. Most of that was written about the pinball machine build, but the most popular post was DIY Dubstep.
But what surprised me most is that people from 123 different countries visited the site, that is you too (see the worldmap below, people from the yellow/orange/red countries visited this site in 2012). Thank you so much!

But these are only the statistics (not lies *wink*). What this does not tell is the amount of fun I have had making things, learning new skills, discussing in forums and sharing the results. The pinball machine for example would never have become a reality if it wasn’t for the wonderful communities at the HyperSpin and VP forums. People who shared their knowledge and (more importantly) failures and learned lessons have given me the confidence to try this myself. And I honestly hope other makers will find interesting content here that inspires them to make and share their results!

This year will bring more new content and new projects; new skills; more shared knowledge!

Thank you for visiting, please come again!

And we’re back!

October 14, 2012

We have done some maintenance on the site which meant the site was not viewable. Sorry about that, but we are back now. All is in place, backup was done and now we are ready to move on!

The pinball machine has been painted and is almost ready to start wiring, but I plan to do a separate post on that soon!

A small update to the site this morning: The icons at the top-right of the page now have the proper links to them. Click ‘em check Sindono out on twitter, facebook, pinterest and Google+!

New year resolutions

January 27, 2012

Wow is it 2012 already? This site desperately needs an update on so many projects! But let me start with a “status overview” first.

Towards the end of 2011, I have been moving several websites to a new hosting provider. All have been moved, except this one. The details are technical, but that is the main reason I did not update anything here, as I was preparing the move. As it turned out moving everything to a new host, and keeping everything together was not as easy as expected. To be continued this year.

Then, on the greenhouse project: weather has been lousy for growing anything since july. Low temperatures, *lots* of rain. Winter has not given any frost, which is what the ground and some plants need in order to provide good fruits next summer (such as strawberries). This was all monitored by the greenhouse project until it stopped working. Turned out that the waterproof housing for the battery was not so water proof :-) Electronics are largely ruined so I am in the process of rebuilding that. I want to replace the Xbee’s with WiFi connections though as I have a wifi network already up and running, plus it would eliminate the need for a Xbee/Internet gateway. Additionally, it frees up the internet gateway Arduino for another sensor node. I am thinking about turning it into a weather station…

Finally, I have spend quite some time on building my own arcade cabinet! I wanted to relive those games from my youth (donkey kong, zaxxon, defender, 1943, and later Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc). I wanted to develop my woodworking skills as I had never worked with a large saw-table or router. So, I figured this would be a great project. I have made *many many* pictures and am in the process of doing a writeup. I will share as much as I can so you can build your own machine if you want to. But, there is a lot to write, and the cabinet itself is not yet fully finished, so the writeup may take a bit before its here, but its coming!

This is what the thing looks like at this point:

Finally, the LED matrix word-clock is still in development. I have ordered a second batch of PCB’s with some slight improvements (though it did not come out perfect yet, lots to learn). I want to share all that stuff, designs, schema’s, etc as well, but I am still looking for a way to do so. Maybe put it into a sourceforge or google code account so I can keep track of versions. Please keep in mind that all this stuff (PCB design, electronics, woodworking and all) is all new stuff for me, so I am learning as I go. If you have any tips and tricks to share, please do so!